One World – A Thousand Friends

The United World Games are among the most popular youth sports events in Europe and each year attracts thousands of young people from Austria and the world.

During each sporting event, young athletes experience an Olympic-like atmosphere firsthand and participate in an environment of friendly competition and camaraderie, allowing for a “celebration of togetherness.”

16. to 19. June 2022

Klagenfurt / Austria
Woerthersee Stadium

In addition to competitions, the event offers all participants a variety of additional opportunities with plenty of fun and entertainment. The highlight for many participants is the pageantry of the opening ceremony, which not only offers a flag parade, but a fireworks display.

Unesco patronage

From the beginning, the event has embodied the core values of UNESCO: cultural exchange, respect, fair play and teamwork. The UWG competitions bring people together to encourage sustainable development of a peaceful and integrative society.

16 sports

Competitions in the following sports: basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, rugby, field hockey, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, bouldering, ice hockey, track and field, floorball, softball, golf

Mega event 2019

10,500 participants * over 800 teams
from 32 countries 15,000 attendees
of the opening ceremony.