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PDM Tourism is a team of confident, committed and invested people who passionately pursue a common goal.
We pride ourselves on offering our extensive clientele customized trips, at the highest level.

Since it was founded 25 years ago in Vienna, PDM Tourism Group has developed from a 2-man team into an international company that is valued by its customers, primarily for its service and attention to detail.

PDM has been able to continuously develop due to an emphasis of personal commitment and care, by all PDM employees. Although PDM is now an international company, we pride ourselves on our ability to remain flexible and friendly with a family oriented feel that you get from smaller companies.

“We produce stories, emotions & dreams, thereby creating unique and unforgettable experiences.”



Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 - 50

Christian Hawlik

Managing Director

Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 – 60

Maren Deisenhammer

DMC Travel Coordinater

Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 – 51

Marianne Schmidt

Accounting & Back Office

Sabine Bichl

Head of Accounting

Alexander Haudum

Head of Sales & Marketing UWG/PDM Sports

Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 – 52

Sebastian Bucher

Organization Comitee UWG

Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 65

Magdalena Tschinder

Organization Comitee UWG

Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 - 64

Sarah Delorenzo

Concert Manager

Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 - 66

Daniela Haupt

DMC Travel Coordinater

Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 - 68

Maximilian Mayr

Head of Sports

Tel: +43 699 1901 0545

Szilvia Dani

DMC Travel Coordinater

Tel: +43 1 478 80 90 63

Alba Magallon Vidal

DMC Travel Coordinater

Lea Seidl

Head of Marketing

PDM-PLUS awarded by the Austrian UNESCO Commission 2013

“Travel always stands – directly or indirectly – for learning. PDM PLUS – Experiential Traveling starts here and enables travel experiences that promote understanding for the region traveled to, the people living there and the connections between social processes, as well as nature and environmental protection.

For this reason, the initiative was honored by the Austrian UNESCO Commission as a UN Decade Project for Education for Sustainable Development. Therefore, PDM Tourism Group is one of over 150 Austrian flagship projects that have received the international UN Sustainability Logo since 2007!”

Mag. Gabriele Eschig, Secretary General
of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO



The International Child Protection Code against the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Tourism” ( is an important tool to ensure all minors are protected in tourism. It was developed by ECPAT in cooperation with tour operators and the World Tourism Organization in 1998. This important code was developed by ECPAT in cooperation with tour operators and the World Tourism Organization in 1998. By implementing 6 criteria, companies have incorporated child protection measures in the following areas: development of guidelines on child protection for a company, provide employee training on child protection, incorporate child protection clauses in contracts with business partners, raise awareness for clients about the rights of children, support and work with partners on site with child protection, and annual reporting to “The Code.” Worldwide, 284 tourism companies from 142 countries are currently implementing the child protection code. In Austria, the Austrian Travel Association (ÖRV) signed the Child Protection Code 2001. Other companies that have signed the Child Protection Code in Austria are ACCOR Hospitality GmbH (2008) and PDM Tourismus Group (2013).


We assume corporate responsibility for our society and environment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means the obligation to assume responsibility towards society and the environment. The term stands for responsible corporate action: from the actual business activity (market) to ecologically relevant aspects (environment) to relations with employees (workplace) and interaction with the relevant stakeholders. CSR is understood as a contribution to sustainable development beyond the legal requirements.

We as PDM Tourism Group therefore integrate environmental and social aspects into our corporate philosophy and commit ourselves to corporate responsibility specifically in three areas.


For us, social sustainability includes respectful treatment of our employees and responsibility towards our corporate environment.

Team spirit, professionalism and openness are fixed components of our corporate culture, along with compliance with human rights and the Child Protection Code.


As a destination management company, it is particularly important to us to protect and preserve the environment, climate and biodiversity. We voluntarily commit ourselves to record and publish our CO2 emissions and to compensate parts of them.

We only use green electricity at our workplaces. We separate our waste and work to further reduce our paper consumption on an ongoing basis.


The professionalism and creativity that have grown out of our 25 years in business allow us to grow steadily, acquiring additional employees, customers and partners, and expanding our markets.

The relationship with customers and service providers enables products that reflect our sustainable corporate management through cultural exchange, political education and involvement in environmental projects.