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Ready for Take-Off!

Last year was not easy. The very word lockdown brings beads of sweat to your forehead. Industries such as tourism, gyms and clubs have had to shut down their operations almost entirely …

… which we saw as an opportunity to come back to the market even stronger and with a fresh wind!

We present: The new PDM!

In the last few months we have expanded our team, so that we can be there for you even more in the future and you will not miss any of our constant innovations.

You can find our new team including new photos on the “About Us” page 😉

Also new: our website! We have been working on it for a long time and now it is online. We’ve shortened our Domain. From to

A modern appearance on the Internet is important to us, so we also have new social media channels!

We have merged our existing channels: With that comes a brand-new Instagram channel:

Enough talk, take a look around our new site and follow us on the new social media channels.

We look forward to continuing to fulfill your travel wishes and wish you a great start to the summer!