Although the Department of Education is no longer allowing class trips for this school year, that doesn’t mean students can’t still have an action-packed yet educational summer! Language trips are once again very trendy this year! The first bookings give hope for a more eventful summer than many can probably imagine at the moment and […]

Ready for Take-Off!

Last year was not easy. The very word lockdown brings beads of sweat to your forehead. Industries such as tourism, gyms and clubs have had to shut down their operations almost entirely … … which we saw as an opportunity to come back to the market even stronger and with a fresh wind! We present: […]


Be it the weather, or the politics – many things seemed to speak against the summer sports camp we had planned in Hollabrunn this year. Even more so, we are all the more pleased that we can now give the green light: The Fit for Future summer camp will take place! For all sports-loving children […]

Fit for Future Summercamp

A summer camp, in the middle of the corona crisis – does that work? As professional tourism experts and parents of school-age children, together with the boarding school Hollabrunn and the municipality of Hollabrunn, we developed the “Fit for Future Summer Camp. Laugh, Learn, Live.”- a concept for a professionally run summer camp that fulfills […]

The United World Games 2021 will NOT take place!

As a partner of the United World Games in Carinthia we have to announce with a heavy heart: The United World Games 2021 will NOT take place! After long trepidation, the organizers and political decision makers were forced to make this final decision. Given the current Corona situation, it was unclear for a long time […]